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I’ll Cook You Pour

One of my first Freelance projects that I took on from Gareth Burgess.

Gareth had moved into the Private Chef & Catering business in a move to make himself independent.

With all the experience at his fingertips all he needed was a professional brand and logo to present his companies ideals.

That’s where I came in. I was given a basic outline of the business and what they provided to their customers and asked to replace their existing Clip Art styled logo. Gareth wanted professionalism but not at the cost of personality.

You can see on the right their old logo on a business car versus their new logo next to it.

The ‘P’ pouring wine into the u is my favourite idea from this project.
The idea behind Gareth’s brand name was that his company would take care of everything. Whilst the customer sits back and relaxes!

I really felt that integrating that ideal into his logo was important. Getting the message across that hiring I’ll Cook You Pour would leave you free to enjoy your evening.

As Gareth and I became more familiar he started to utilise my plethora of other technical skills.
SEO, Graphics, Website Optimisation to name a few. He even brought his laptop to me to set up for his business so that he could work from the same emails & calendar wherever he was.

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