How to Rate Games – An Alternative Approach to Rating

IGN 10/10 COD Trinity Warfare VIII

We’re all aware this will be a familiar sight in a couple of years. What if there was a different way to value games. Now what I propose is something difficult to explain and value but no doubt invaluable. Creating an experience in a game that you can remember is more important than grinding through the same mindless activity over and over.
How many fond memories do you have of your childhood games like Spyro & Crash Bandicoot? They possess unique content in their games as you play through their linear nature you are presented with clear, designed and prepared situations.

Gaming has indefinitely moved away from this type of gameplay opting for replayability and profitability via addiction. What if you could quantify the amount of memories you’ve made in a game? Good or Bad. After all what is living but making memories and if you’re playing something forgettable. Why? Why waste your time doing something you aren’t going to be able to remember.

This symptom of gaming is heavily linked to the way our brains work. Why would a brain create memories for something it has done a million times. That wasn’t really that unique or interesting. It’s inefficient. So the mind records content that is fun and stimulating. Whether it is good or bad. That’s important. Not to discount memories you consider uncomfortable.

Just because something stings at the time doesn’t mean it has to hurt every time you remember it. This can be explained simply by the popularity of games like Dark Souls or Ironman modes like in X-Com. There is something crushing yet bittersweet about watching your progress being trampled in front of you. If you reload your save and effectively remove that event from happening. You probably aren’t going to remember it either. Rendering the time and emotions you’ve invested wasted.

So why not rate a game based on how well it creates new and unique memories for you to remember fondly. Red Dead Redemption II was undoubtedly an excellent memory maker. That is why I rate it a solid 10/10 Memories. Well done Rockstar.
Now bring it out on PC.

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